Grilled Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

Paneer bhurji sandwich is healthy protein rich recipe and is super quick to serve in breakfast or as snacks. I have shared the recipe of paneer bhurji in my previous blog post, check here Paneer Bhurji/ Scrambled Indian Cottage Cheese. This sandwich is the best way to use leftover bhurji or you can make stuffed paratha’s… Continue reading Grilled Paneer Bhurji Sandwich

Besan Cheela/ Chikpea Flour Savoury Pancakes

Oh this classic Indian pancakes made with besan/chickpea flour is a popular breakfast in Northern part of India. This is also known as vegetarian omelette 😉. There are different veggies combinations one can use, like tomato, bell peppers, methi/fenugreek leaves, spinach, grated carrots, cabbage etc, choice is totally yours. I usually use onions, green chilies… Continue reading Besan Cheela/ Chikpea Flour Savoury Pancakes

Bread ka Poha/Bread & Veggie Stir Fry

Poha with any ingredient is a simple, quick and tasty breakfast/snack option loved by all. It is very convenient to make with simple everyday ingredients. A simple tempering and veggies like onions, tomatoes and capsicum transform the bread cubes into a scrumptious dish. So now when you are hungry, have bread and veggies at home and… Continue reading Bread ka Poha/Bread & Veggie Stir Fry

Dal Ka Paratha/Lentil Flatbread

These parathas are one of the healthy, nutritious, tasty and quick breakfast recipe and the best thing about these parathas is that you are able to utilize the leftover dal ;). But personally I love these parathas, so I intentionally make extra bowl of dal previous night and prepare them next morning. Kids also love… Continue reading Dal Ka Paratha/Lentil Flatbread

Veggie Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Sometimes sandwiches and soup/salad are perfect and quick meal when you are not in a mood for that elaborated cooking. And when you give a snazzy twist every time to your grilled sandwich, it gets your taste buds watering ;). Sandwiches are very much associated with my childhood memories. I love having sandwiches any time… Continue reading Veggie Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Mango Milkshake

This refreshing, creamy mango milkshake, made with only 3 ingredients is perfect  for the hot summers. I love summers mainly for mangoes ;). The king of fruits, the sweetness of this fruit makes me drool over it, such a cheerful and vibrant looking fruit with its bright orange-yellowish flesh. Though the color of this mango… Continue reading Mango Milkshake

Steamed Idli/South Indian Rice Cake Recipe

A perfect, healthy and versatile South Indian breakfast, which is now famous across Indian homes. Hot, soft and spongy idli’s along with sambhar or Coconut-Coriander Chutney/Dip Recipe is one the most loved and frequent breakfast at my home. You require very few ingredients to make these idli. First and foremost ingredient is fermented idli-dosa batter.… Continue reading Steamed Idli/South Indian Rice Cake Recipe

Veggie Chilli Cheese Toast

These colorful and vibrant looking cheese toast is a yummy, quick, easy to make dish, a great option for an indulgent weekend breakfast or as a snack with your favorite beverage.Spices, flavorful, crunchy and cheesy…simply yummm. These are simple open-faced toast with few veggies, seasoning and cheese. Well it’s not the healthiest snack, but its… Continue reading Veggie Chilli Cheese Toast

Gobhi Paratha/Whole Wheat Bread Stuffed with Spicy Cauliflower Mixture

Gobhi paratha is a delicious Indian flat bread stuffed with spicy cauliflower filling, which is easy to make and tastes great with yogurt/pickles or chutney. Makes great breakfast, lunch or dinner, stuffed parathas have always been cherished in our family esp in winters with a hot cup of tea/coffee and gobhi paratha is my favorite… Continue reading Gobhi Paratha/Whole Wheat Bread Stuffed with Spicy Cauliflower Mixture

Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese Grilled Sandwich

Here I am again with the healthy and satiating sandwich recipe made with paneer, few veggies that are flavored with very few spices. Paneer/Indian cottage cheese is a versatile ingredient, it adds charm and taste to any recipe. This sandwich is tasty, nutritious snack and can be prepared within 15 mins and excellent for breakfast,… Continue reading Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese Grilled Sandwich

Semiya(Sevia)/Vermicelli Upma-Indian Style

Vermicelli upma is healthy, delicious, light on tummy and easy to make breakfast recipe. It is prepared with vermicelli, mixed vegetables and some dry spices, which makes it a feast for eyes and stomach. We, Indians mostly love our breakfast hot and savory. So let’s get started with this very basic and simple recipe of… Continue reading Semiya(Sevia)/Vermicelli Upma-Indian Style