Paper Dosa/South Indian Thin Crepe Recipe

Dosas are one of the staple dish in our home. Crispy ¬†and tasty dosa has carried its fame from Southern India to the world-famous restaurants all over the world. Dosa is made from fermented rice and urad dal/lentil batter. My family loves paper dosa crisp and brown along with yummy coconut chutney and hot sambhar.… Continue reading Paper Dosa/South Indian Thin Crepe Recipe

Pesarattu/Green Moong Lentil Dosa(Indian Crepes)

When you are in Andhra Pradesh, you must try their famous and most commonly eaten breakfast whole green moong dosas/crepes, known as Pesarattu. There are different variations in stuffing of Pesarattu, usually filled with onions, coriander or delicious rave upma. These flavorful and protein packed dosas/crepes include a little bit of rice for crispness as… Continue reading Pesarattu/Green Moong Lentil Dosa(Indian Crepes)