Tomato Rice

Popular South Indian style rice preparation is super quick to make. It is made using very minimal ingredients yet palatable. This flavored rice has a tang from the tomatoes, aroma of curry leaves and crunch of dal. This is a one pot hearty meal that can be enjoyed with curd/ raita, papad, pickle and can… Continue reading Tomato Rice

Tehri/Spicy Rice Pilaf With Veggies

Tehri is a comforting and soulful one pot meal from Northern part of India. This dish is form of pulao but more flavorful and has nice crunching of veggies. Basically in sunny winters afternoon we used to have this palatable tehri in lunch with salad, papad, curd & pickle as in India in winters season… Continue reading Tehri/Spicy Rice Pilaf With Veggies

Egg Fried Rice (Indo-Chinese)

Egg fried rice is a popular Indo-Chinese dish and a great hit with kids and adults as well ;). This dish is super easy, quick and healthy. Egg fried rice goes well with some side dish like Manchurian, chili paneer or chili chicken. I use a lot of veggies while making this dish like capsicum,… Continue reading Egg Fried Rice (Indo-Chinese)

Puliyogare/Tamarind Rice

So here I am again with one of the famous rice recipe from Southern India. Tamarind rice is also known as Pulihora is tangy, mild spicy, flavorful rice tempered with roasted peanuts, lentils and few other ingredients. This rice dish is a staple of all South Indian festivals and also most often served as a… Continue reading Puliyogare/Tamarind Rice

Turmeric Lemon Rice

Lemon rice is a one pot meal, easy, flavorful, vibrant and ready in 15 mins is a popular rice dish from Southern part of India. People in every part of India eat a lot of rice and temper it with different types of seasoning and ingredients. Every region, infact I must say every home have… Continue reading Turmeric Lemon Rice

Egg Dum Biryani Recipe

Egg dum biryani is one of the famous Indian one pot meal rice delicacy. We Indians are in love with this spicy, mildly fragrant rice dish. It is a complete meal in itself prepared with rice, egg/veggies/chicken/mutton along with raw and dry Indian spices cooked together to get this irresistible aromatic dish. It goes well… Continue reading Egg Dum Biryani Recipe