Walnut Brownie

Thanksgiving weekend was great fun, relaxing , shopping, get together & pot luck with friends. In one of the pot luck lunch demand came for walnut brownies 😉. So I was excited to bake fresh brownies & enjoy with my friends. These incredible little brownies are moist, dense, fudgy in the middle, chewy on the… Continue reading Walnut Brownie

Jeera Biscuit/Cumin Cookies (Eggless)

Oh these crispy, sweet & salty cookies are one of the popular chai/tea time cookies in India. We love these biscuits little crunchy and crispy. These biscuits have beautiful golden brown edges, tempting aroma & flavor of roasted cumin. I have been thinking for very long to bake them as my husband loves them. I… Continue reading Jeera Biscuit/Cumin Cookies (Eggless)