Gajar ka Halwa/ Carrot Pudding- Indian Dessert

Gajar ka halwa is one of the most delicious & drooling Indian dessert made across India on all the festive celebrations like Holi, Diwali, or for any family celebrations. The chewy, caramelized carrots slow cooked in an open vessel for almost 1.5-2 hrs along with few dry fruits taste heavenly.

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Cuisine: Indian

Recipe Type: Desserts

Author: Rateka

Prep Time: 15-20 Mins

Cook Time: 1.5-2 hours

Serves: 4


  • Carrots: 1 kg
  • Sugar: 1.5 cup or as per the taste
  • Whole milk: 2 cup
  • Ghee/ Clarified Butter: 6 tbsp
  • Cashewnuts: 8-10, finely chopped
  • Almonds: 8-10, finely chopped
  • Raisins: 10-12
  • Cardamom Powder: 1/2 tsp


  • Wash the carrots and trim their edges. Scrape the skin and grate all the carrots using a grater or food chopper.
  • Soak the almonds in warm water for 15-20 mins. Peel the skin off and chop them finely & keep aside.
  • Chop the cashewnuts into small pieces and keep aside.
  • Heat a heavy bottomed pan, once hot add grated carrots, sauté for 15-20 mins on medium flame. The color of the carrots will change & raw smell will go.
  •  Now add milk to the cooked carrots & let the carrots cook on the medium heat in the milk till the entire mixture almost dry. Keep stirring in between to avoid the carrots sticking at bottom of the pan. This process usually takes 40-45 mins.
  • Once milk is dry, add sugar & mix well. Now the mixture once again will become of loose consistency. Again keep cooking till the entire mixture becomes thick.
  • The sugar would begin to caramelize the carrots-milk mixture & consistency will start becoming sticky.
  • Once halwa becomes dry, add chopped cashews, almonds, raisins, cardamom powder & 2 tbsp of ghee. Mix well & cook for another 10-15 mins.
  • Switch off the flame & cover it for few minutes & let the flavors get absorbed nicely.
  • Garnish with few chopped dry fruits and serve warm and enjoy this drooling dessert with your family & friends.


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