Palak Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese in Spinach Gravy

Palak paneer, a bright, delicious, vibrant and of-course healthy North Indian dish. It is also one of the popular Indian paneer recipe along with Paneer(Cottage Cheese) Butter Masala/Paneer Makhani, Kadai Paneer, Paneer bhurji. Palak paneer is made with soft paneer/cottage cheese cooked and simmered in a ¬†smooth spinach gravy with few spices. Palak paneer goes… Continue reading Palak Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese in Spinach Gravy

Semiya(Sevia)/Vermicelli Upma-Indian Style

Vermicelli upma is healthy, delicious, light on tummy and easy to make breakfast recipe. It is prepared with vermicelli, mixed vegetables and some dry spices, which makes it a feast for eyes and stomach. We, Indians mostly love our breakfast hot and savory. So let’s get started with this very basic and simple recipe of… Continue reading Semiya(Sevia)/Vermicelli Upma-Indian Style

Bhindi Masala/Okra Masala Stir Fry

Okra/Bhindi is a much cherished Indian vegetable in mostly homes and can be made and enjoyed in many avatars like stuffed okra, crispy okra. Bhindi/Okra is one of the our favorite dry sabzi/side-dish since childhood and goes well with any dal, gravy or hot parathas. Bhindi fry was my all time preferred sabzi along with… Continue reading Bhindi Masala/Okra Masala Stir Fry

Dhaniya Chutney/Coriander Dip Recipe

Dhaniya chutney/coriander dip is a popular and versatile Indian dip, tastes yum with sandwiches, parathas, pulav, chaats and other Indian delicacies. This is a quick and easy chutney/dip which need no cooking. It only requires few very basic ingredients which are mostly available in everyone’s kitchen. Just put everything in the blender, give it a… Continue reading Dhaniya Chutney/Coriander Dip Recipe

Paper Dosa/South Indian Thin Crepe Recipe

Dosas are one of the staple dish in our home. Crispy ¬†and tasty dosa has carried its fame from Southern India to the world-famous restaurants all over the world. Dosa is made from fermented rice and urad dal/lentil batter. My family loves paper dosa crisp and brown along with yummy coconut chutney and hot sambhar.… Continue reading Paper Dosa/South Indian Thin Crepe Recipe

Idli(Steamed rice cake)/Dosa(South Indian Thin Crepe) Homemade Batter Recipe

Making homemade idli/dosa batter is a simple three stage process of soaking, grinding and fermenting. This batter is prepared by soaking the lentil and rice and then grinding them into a smooth batter then fermented. Once fermented, batter is ready to make crispy paper dosas, masala dosa, idli, uttapam, paniyarams as well. Lentil used in this… Continue reading Idli(Steamed rice cake)/Dosa(South Indian Thin Crepe) Homemade Batter Recipe

Bharwan Karela/Stuffed Bitter Gourd Recipe

Karela/bitter gourd name itself is sufficient enough for half of the family members to make weird faces and express their disinterest in eating this dish. Reason is quite obvious it has a strong bitter taste because of which many people doesn’t like it. Karela/bitter gourd is often made in our home either in the form… Continue reading Bharwan Karela/Stuffed Bitter Gourd Recipe

Paneer(Cottage Cheese) Butter Masala/Paneer Makhani

Paneer butter masala is one of the most popular paneer recipe in an Indian cuisine. In this dish soft paneer/cottage cheese cubes are simmered in creamy, buttery, spicy and zesty looking onion-tomato gravy. This dish is rich and creamy which comes from the addition of cream and butter. The gravy is made from onion, tomato,cashews… Continue reading Paneer(Cottage Cheese) Butter Masala/Paneer Makhani

Aloo Paratha/ Whole wheat bread stuffed with spicy potato mixture

Aloo paratha is a whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potato mixture. Potato mixture can be altered as per your liking. It is one of the most popular recipe from Punjab/North India. You can have it at any time of the day, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. These parathas taste best when served hot with… Continue reading Aloo Paratha/ Whole wheat bread stuffed with spicy potato mixture

Pesarattu/Green Moong Lentil Dosa(Indian Crepes)

When you are in Andhra Pradesh, you must try their famous and most commonly eaten breakfast whole green moong dosas/crepes, known as Pesarattu. There are different variations in stuffing of Pesarattu, usually filled with onions, coriander or delicious rave upma. These flavorful and protein packed dosas/crepes include a little bit of rice for crispness as… Continue reading Pesarattu/Green Moong Lentil Dosa(Indian Crepes)